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Why charter a yacht?

The true lifestyle of the rich and the famous is the luxury of having a yacht in your own back yard that you can take off in at any given moment to the destination of your choice. It truly opens up a whole new world to you and is the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and freedom. With yacht charters available now you can enjoy this lifestyle without the actual expense of owning one. It is becoming increasingly popular to opt for this choice and allows you the freedom on every different vacation that you take to experience a new yacht for each journey. Unlike the restrictions of a hotel and staying in one specific location and the inconvenience of a cruise ship, a private is truly a combination of privacy and luxury tailored to the needs and wishes of you and your guests. In a manner of speaking the world is your oyster and the “sea” is your backyard. You will be able to enjoy; freedom, breathtaking views, water activities, professional staff, gourmet cuisine, and the ultimate in privacy.

Each individual yacht charter is different and offer a wide arrange of amenities on board, with 24 hours a day personalized service. There is no vacation spot or hotel in the world where you can experience enjoying a Jacuzzi on the top deck while watching a picturesque sunset and the calming waters of the open sea.
If you are looking to impress potential clients, reward top performing employees, or launch a new product line, a corporate yacht charter is the way to go. There are many elements of a corporate charter that are sure to create lasting memories including, fine dining, visiting some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, formal meetings and dinners in the essence of luxury, and cocktail parties with beautiful scenery. Not to worry just because you are out in the middle of the ocean does not mean that you will lose all communication with the outside world, on the contrary with the latest technologies on board you will be able to have access to internet, phone, email and more so that you can keep your communication with your office, family, and friends.

Yacht chartering offers something for everyone with endless possibilities.

About our charter yachts?

No matter what your vacation goals are, we have got you covered. We have access to one of the largest fleets of private yachts available. There will always be a yacht for you that matches your exact specifications, no matter what your goal we want you to do it your way. Our personalized charter specialists will work with you to make sure that you get the yacht that best fits your needs and desires. Whether you are celebrating a long weekend away with friends in the Caribbean and need something that is 100 ft+, or you are enjoying a private anniversary dinner with your spouse we have a selection that is unmatched in the industry. Take the voyage with us in your own private floating sanctuary, we promise if will be an experience that you will never forget.

Customize your charter experience?

When traveling aboard a private yacht you have the ability to truly customize your experience. There are as vast array of options that you can read more about on our Packages Page. Here are a few that you can look forward to enjoying: Culinary delights, watersports, underwater exploration, special occasion packages, cocktail hours, evening starts, and much more.

Travel the world (term charters)

The option to travel the world on your own private yacht takes vacationing to a whole new level. We can provide a yacht for you to nearly any destination in the world where there is water and a vast open ocean. Cuba, The Caribbean islands, Latin America, Australia, Amalfi Coast, Abaco Island, Balearic Isles, Croatia, The Baltic Sea, French Riviera, The Exumas, or Fiji are some charter options to name a few. Beyond these unbelievable destinations, remember that you will be adorned in the best of accommodations as well as creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Schedule your yacht charter today

Our yacht charter specialists are waiting for your call to schedule the vacation of your dreams. Contact us today to reserve your own private yacht. We offer 4 hour, 8 hour, weekend and weeklong yacht vacations. If you prefer to have us contact you, kindly fill out the reservations tab and we will contact you with different options based on your criteria.