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How many people can each boat accommodate?
The number of passengers on a yacht is determined by the number of staterooms and sleeping quarters. Most yachts can accommodate anywhere from 6-12 guest depending on the size.

What is the standard gratuity for the crew?
The standard gratuity for a crew is 20% of what the charter cost is.

Do we have to have to have food and beverage service or can we provide our own food and drinks?
It is not a requirement that you purchase the food and beverage service from us at Yachtcations, although it comes highly recommended. You can bring your own food and drinks; these would need to be items that do not need to be cooked. Things that you would bring to a beach picnic.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We at Yachtcations accept the following forms of payments; ACH, Cash, Wire, and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex).

Can I bring my pet on board?
These are luxury yachts that cost millions of dollars to the owners, therefore there are no pets allowed on board our charters and there are no exceptions.

Can we smoke on the yacht’s?
Smoking is prohibited.

Where can we board the yacht from?
Your yacht charter specialist will go over these details with you at the time of booking your yacht. All of our yachts board from different marinas depending on where you are traveling. Please note that some yachts are too large to enter certain marinas, this will mean you will have to travel to the marina that accommodates that size vessel.

Where does the yacht cruise?
In the majority of our yacht charters we cruise through the tranquil waters of the intercostal waterways. This provides clients with optimal sightseeing as well as a smooth experience aboard the yacht.

What is the minimum number of hours for a day charter?
The minimum number of hours for a day charter is 4 hours.

What happens if I have to cancel my charter?
Contact us as soon as you know that you have to cancel. In most cases we have taken a deposit and given it to the boat owner so you may lose your deposit. However, we do our best to work with our clients based on the terms and conditions of your charter. If enough advance notice is given, then cancellation is possible.

Can we do water sports?
There are water sports that can be arranged should you be interested. These waters sports need to be done in advance of the charter day so that we can arrange everything for you. Water sports including wave runners, sea kayaks, parasailing, speed boat thrill rides, snorkeling and sandbar swimming, all originating from the charter yacht of your choice.

Can we cook on board?
Cooking is not permitted on our charter yachts.

What happens if it rains?
We cannot control the weather. South Florida is known for its afternoon showers; however, our captains will always do their best to avoid any inclement weather. If the weather is deemed unsafe your charter will be rescheduled.

Why can’t we put more than 13 on a boat?
According to the law and the US Coast Guard regulations 13 is the max number of people that you can have on a non-certified vessel. We don’t make the rules; they just have to be followed.

Can we go to the Bahamas?
Day charters do not go to the Bahamas due to fuel consumption and time, we would be more than happy to arrange a term charter for you so that you would be able to enjoy a trip on a luxury yacht to the Bahamas.

How far in advance should we book?
It is recommended to have the best selection of available yachts as well as the best price that you book at least 30 days in advance. This is not to say that you cannot book a charter last minute, we are always willing to accommodate what we can.

Can we fish?
Luxury Yacht charters do not permit fishing.

What is an A.P.A. fee?
APA is an advance provisioning fee. This fee can vary based on fuel consumption, the typical APA fee is 35% of the charter cost, which will be used for fuel, dockage, food and beverages onboard, and any other incidental charges incurred while on your charter. The captain of the yacht will keep a running total throughout the charter, available for your review. At the end of the charter, any remaining funds not used from the A.P.A. will be returned to you with 3 business days. Please note that if the A.P.A. is exhausted during the charter, all additional charges will be the responsibility of the charterer and must be paid as they occur.

What happens if we arrive late for our charter?
Charter times must be strictly enforced, the captain and crew are there to cater to your needs. The time that you are late is deducted from your charter.

Can I charter a boat without a captain on board?
No, our yachts and boats all come with their own certified licensed captain, no exceptions.

Does the crew include a chef?
A chef is not included with the luxury yachts that we offer, however for an additional fee we can make sure that there is a chef on board to cater to your needs.

Can we view the yacht before we charter?
Yes, one of our specialist can accompany you to stage viewing of the yacht you are considering chartering.